We are equipped to create short videos for corporate websites, Youtube, or your social media channels. Explain your products, services, or add testimonials. create quick clips of assorted products you sell or your restaurant as examples.

a four minute pitch promo for an exercise DVD program

Short moving video

a short intro for a new product to create excitement
CaseWork Cabinetry short intro 30 seconds with music

We will write a script, do a voiceover, video tape as needed or use photos to create a slide show video. We can also do an interview over the internet or on premises . Editing and posting included ! Short videos 30 -60 seconds or longer explainer style as requested.

Content is king. whether its videos, articles or images, you need content. A site we suggest : Remember adding videos, images and articles are great ways to increase viewership and google page rank for SEO and keywords. can show you hundreds of funny images to add to your site or work presentation.


We would like to offer you a free 30-second video for your use – no obligation!  Limited offer.  Send us 5-6 jpegs of your product or service, a website and phone number to place in the video and in a few days, you will have a free video to place on your website, facebook, or youtube. Thats what we do for our clients. Make great content that adds value to their company.


  • limited Offer to the first 12  video requests per month.  Offer may be withdrawn without notice.