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Did you know over 50% of searches are conducted on Phones? And many of them are searches for videos ? If you don’t include videos for your company products and services you will miss out on many clicks !

25% of Google searches show at least one video as a query result.

Video SEO has a lot of potential to increase the search engine ranking for a website. Cisco predicted that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. Search engine statistics reveal that videos have a 41% higher click rate than normal text results. If you want to rank higher on Google search results, then you should consider videos.

Google values good video content for your site , so to become an authority, your site needs videos !

But who has the craft as well as time to create videos on a schedue ? Ypu need to pick ouy pictures, write product titles etc every week ? ( fresh content is more valuable! )

You can be easily get better search engine results and page rank , with more videos, but it must be good original content

Not everyone is a great DIrector or producer but leave it in our hands for those punch short videos with music and titles included! But, we all know it is a hard task for any webmaster to continually put out good videos ,articles and posts etc.

Let us do your work – we create videos you can post to your site, facebook and youtube. Whether its 30/60/90 seconds we do it everyday. Just give us photos of your products and what you need on the intro and outros!

Get better results in the Google /Yahoo/ Bing search, there are other advantages too, and some of them are mentioned here.

With the help of quality Videos , you will be able to get a a better page rank and more readers for your sites, blogs. Site authority can be gained too.

Relationship building, as well as promotion, can also be done through informative Videos promoted with great success.

We make it simple. Leave it to us !

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