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If your website involves a corporation or a company then you can use funny work cartoons to engage viewership. Remember always to add the ALT-Tag to describe the cartoon image to Google. It increases your SEO and page rank.

Financial sites can employ retirement or money cartoons to emphasize such things as stock purchasing, bonds, IRAs as well as insurance. Keep it funny and clients will keep reading.

Supermarkets can use funny farmer cartoons for anything involving food, cows, bacon, or cereals and supermarkets can use funny farmer cartoons. Remember to also post to social media with website links.

Funny family cartoons are great for general blogs, kid blogs, and school and teacher sites. You can even ask the kids to try their hand-writing the punchlines. funny doctor cartoon images, hospital cartoons, and nursing cartoons enhance the everyday aspect of working with patients and healthcare. Suitable also for newsletters ad presentations at meetings. funny sports cartoon images and golf illustrations are perfect for men’s sites as well as sports blogs, they get laffs.

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