Pricing a la Carte

Marketing your website has several major parts :

We will list each and approximate costs per part. Remember unlike a newspaper or tv ad that comes and goes, most of what we do – STAYS with you and adds value to your site for many years. Remember our Search Engine Marketing is a slow race. The more you do for your website, the more Google loves you.

Also, keep in mind that except for search advertising most social and SEO work we do takes several months to build up value so expect to spend money over 3 – 6 months to get a full effect. Anyone promising quick results is probably new to the business.

  • Social Marketing – Facebook / Twitter
  • Posts – Written Content for your website and/ or sales materials!
  • Video creation
  • Click Marketing
  • Link building
  • Email Marketing
  • Citations and Directory listings
  • Client reviews

Every client is different as you may need videos to demonstrate a product or do a live sales pitch. While someone else has a store and wants to show off their products through an image gallery and product descriptions.

Social Marketing. Create written posts and place onto sites $ 5 -25 per post – depending on word count and level of reader education level required. Generally shorter than Posts below ( 100 words typical )

Posts for websites or blogs $ 25 -50 – this depends on the nature of the site – IE Technical sites like legal or medical require more research than fashion or simple products like bird seed / plumbers etc . 400 -1,500 words

VIDEO CREATION $ 50 -100 and up 30 seconds typical to 60 seconds. We can create simple videos from still photographs with music. quickly. Longer videos with scripts and live actors or YOU take 3 -7 days and are more complex. Typically posting on youtube and or your website is included. We can also do longer videos if you have a story to tell and need to explain a complex product or system.

LINK BUILDING – the bane of every webmaster. There are some who will say “We’ll get you ONE good backlink for $ 250 . We say hogwash. We can set up a program to get 3 -5 -10,000 backlinks monthly at $ 100 -200 a month. It depends on your quality needs – Page rank is what google evaluates per link, but in our estimation, content counts more than links.

EMAIL AND LISTS ETC – this is a whole category unto itself. Of course, you should ask current clients for an email and always include a contact page to build your list. We can set up a daily, weekly, monthly mailer for you and manage it. Contact us for further details and your exact needs.

WEBSITE MAINTAINANCE – You need to keep it fresh and add content weekly / monthly etc. We can help with blogs, videos, and news sections. Also overlooked are images, we can pick out great photos or funny cartoon illustrations for you to add to your site. Contact us for quotes as needed …

Please see our recommended monthly plans – Much less than hiring a full time employee!

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    Remember content like articles or images are important ot your seo plans and page rank .

    Content is king. whether it’s articles or images, you need content. A site we suggest can show you hundreds of funny images to add to your site or work presentation.


    We would like to offer you a free 30-second video for your use – no obligation!  Limited offer.  Send us 5-6 jpegs of your product or service, a website and phone number to place in the video and in a few days, you will have a free video to place on your website, facebook, or youtube. Thats what we do for our clients. Make great content that adds value to their company.


    • limited Offer to the first 12  video requests per month.  Offer may be withdrawn without notice.