Pagerank is also affected by how fast your website loads on a desktop as well as a phone or pad device. It’s said you can lose 98% of potential viewers if it takes 5 seconds or more. We have created what I call the” fast food mentality”

3 seconds or more you still lose 20% ! of viewers. so Google considers 2 seconds or faster ideal and has even created a whole subset of webpage architecture for phones call AMP = short for Accelerated Mobile Pages

We offer a speed up option – which is a one time payment of $ 50 to research and speed up your site to Google standards. If you have a wordpress site we can add plugins and set them up correctly. If you use another type of site, we can add a content delivery network that caches your website around the world and keeps current copies there as well to speed delivery of web content. Further we will optimize your images and compress them so you have small files to send !


We would like to offer you a free 30-second video for your use – no obligation!  Limited offer.  Send us 5-6 jpegs of your product or service, a website and phone number to place in the video and in a few days, you will have a free video to place on your website, facebook, or youtube. Thats what we do for our clients. Make great content that adds value to their company.   acmeblanks2020@gmail.com


  • limited Offer to the first 12  video requests per month.  Offer may be withdrawn without notice.