Marketing and SEO

Search Engines and SEO

Everyone knows Google is the top search engine with 80 -90% of all searches. But did you know your money may be better spent on clicks at yahoo or duckduck go Yes because these companies have lower volumes , their cost per click may be much less and easier to rank keywords on ? So what is effective beside article writing for SEO ?

A recent word campaign for interstate movers was $ 40 per click on Google – but only a few bucks on Yahoo. If you only have $ 200 a month where is better ? In my mind YAHOO.

There are many other places you may spend your money effectively, Youtube , Facebook, Instagram, small blogs that target your exact needed product like bird houses or fashion if you are a clothing retailer. . You not only get great targeted audiences , but you support a good cause just like the big foundations when they sponsor TV shows on public TV. So if you want effective marketing and the abilityto promote your website, call us at 352 459 1464