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An important aspect of getting a good ranking is to have the important short ( ONE word – Birdhouses) and long keywords, ( long-tail keywords)  – 2 -3 4 words that mean something like “birdhouse for robins”.  Give us 2 or 3 important content words your website is about and we will run a search report with up to 10,000 keywords. This report will give you monthly searches per word and how hard it is to rank for the top ones.

Some say to look at the middle for easy words directly related to your subject, with upwards of 2 -5 million sites relating to anyone subject it’s an interesting strategy.  Some sites have thousands of keywords they rank for, but we think it’s important to pick out 10 to start with and work on those for a month.  We suggest running a keyword search monthly to see what new and old keywords have changed.

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Starting as low as $ 24.95

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Keyword research is an important part of website design and content development , How t odo keyword research ? Use Us ! Why is keyword research important ? It revolves around every aspect of seo , Use the proper keywords to bring new users to your website and improve page rank