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Search engines appreciate good content, especially images, pictures, and graphs. When you add images, make sure you use the Alt Image Tag to describe them for google. Our funny single-panel cartoons are simple and family-friendly. They add relief from pages of text and let the reader pause to enjoy the moment. Over 300 Images, Subjects range from Family, Business, Money, Computers, Internet, Sports, Golf, Farming, Optimism, Work, and Hospitals, A single package provides you with all images for unlimited use on your website


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We have inexpensive Custom Cartoon packages, Starting as low as $ 19.95

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We have funny Cartoon Images and funny Illustrations to lighten up your website, help with page rank and entertain your readers , while keeping it budget friendly. Sports, Golf, Banking, Business, Computers, Internet, Family , Medical, Doctors, Nurses, Retirement even for Farms and Farmers. ALL “G” rated !”

Each Package Is Made With Love For Our User

We understand the needs and frustrations of our customers. We want to help them, not rob them. That’s why we have flexible packages for every service you need to grow your business. Quality services and reasonable prices to help you grow your page rank and website.


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You can always count on our support anytime in 24 hours. Just share your problem with details to our customer support, we’ll get back to you asap. Your business is also important to us.

From Our Clients

“Delightful family friendly funny illustrations, thanks”

Joan Adams

“Funny, funny cartoons for our websites, great stuff guys!”

Ruth Arbaugh

“We were hitting a wall trying to get inexpensive bank cartoons and funny illustrations for our emails, thanks”

Eddie Robbins

“Thanks – now we have enough funny images to last two years and inexpensive!”

Lisa Rubin