Article writing for page rank

While we started out with cartoon images for website content, many clients ask us to also write articles relating to the cartoons and/or their subject matter. We have completed hundreds of articles and are pleased to offer you the same service.  We generally do 600 + word articles with 2 -4 keywords on general subjects for an astoundingly low price of $ 25.  . This compares to a typical cost of $ 75 – 100 elsewhere.  We write to the tenth grade level as similar to most newspapers and guarantee no plagiarism as many others simply cut and paste from other sites.  We strive originality and engaging content to help your page rank.  Enquire thru our email at and order one or more articles . We can setup a weekly or monthly program for you to add to your website or facebook pages.

Remember, the more content you have that’s relevant to your product or business, the higher you score with Google and other search engines. You can research your competitors backlinks as well as word count! . Its important to understand what your up against. Interestingly many websites don’t have large first pages and you should concentrate your front page on what you do, not forgetting keywords. The about page and Fac pages are also important.


We would like to offer you a free 30-second video for your use – no obligation!  Limited offer.  Send us 5-6 jpegs of your product or service, a website and phone number to place in the video and in a few days, you will have a free video to place on your website, facebook, or youtube. Thats what we do for our clients. Make great content that adds value to their company.


  • limited Offer to the first 12  video requests per month.  Offer may be withdrawn without notice.